The process

Each project begins with a conversation and exchange of ideas, desires and possibilities. Each unique piece presents its own challenges which are met with creative design and problem solving. Sometimes tooling is needed in order to bring a complex concept to life and finally the actual art of the metal shaping begins. This is done with a mix of contemporary machinery and historical techniques that allow us to showcase the excellence in craftsmanship that we pride ourselves on. Prototypes may be constructed in order to understand the techniques needed. Once all parts are completed and assembled in our shop, a test fit to ensure precision accuracy is conducted and any final adjustments are made. Then it’s off for final treatments of wax, patina, paint or powder coating prior to installation. We specialize in projects of any size, from fireplace tools to large architectural elements. We are able to take on and assess historic renovations or custom fabrications. We excel at full spectrum projects allowing us to create a consistent vein of design through an entire space, house or building.
Our final pieces are unique, local, and built by hand, every time.

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The craftsman

As a second generation blacksmith having apprenticed under my father, Larry, I learned the most meaningful part of this craft is creating pieces that will last generations and will weave themselves into family stories and legacies. My fathers business, Eagle and Anvil forge, sharpened my blacksmith skills on complex railing projects, tooling and furniture.

With a love for skiing and full of ambition, the West Coast of Canada was where I manifested my future. I met my wife in 2010 and settled in Squamish, starting EG Ironworks. This business has grown into a Sea to Sky staple for commissioned, one of a kind metal railings, fireplace tools, screens and log holders, furniture, lighting, sculptures, and more.

The Workshop

The current 1800 sq. ft shop is EG Ironworks 3rd iteration of creative space around Squamish.  Housing a wide range of tools that provide the ability to design and build large scale projects down to small detailed pieces.  Once you have decided on a project, come for a shop tour and see it in the making.

THE craft

Modern Blacksmithing is a process of taking raw metal bars or plates to create unique, durable fine finishings such as gates, sculptures, tools and much more. The metal is heated in a forge to a colour that indicates its at the proper temperature for optimum  malleability. Here, the Artist Blacksmith knows that they can hammer, twist, punch and form the metal into the shape they want.  With the use of  power hammers, a variety of hand hammers, presses, anvils, chisels and punches, they are able to use their physical force to develop texture and unique details in the metal. Modern techniques such as plasma cutting, Arc welding, sandblasting and use of a hydraulic press are combined with the ancient techniques leading to the final design. Through this very physical and mindful process  mixed with the finesse of fine tuning the shape the artist is able to create one of a kind pieces with the feel of flow, mood, lightness and texture allowing the metal to take on a character of its own.