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Eric Gindlesperger is a dedicated artist blacksmith based in Squamish, British Columbia. He prides himself on detailed accuracy, considered designs and fine craftsmanship. EG Ironworks collaborates with homeowners, designers and builders to create unique, multi-generational pieces, or construct pre-designed concepts and antique restorations presented to us.

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"As Project Architect for Patkau Architects on a large high-end residence in Kadenwood, Whistler, I had the opportunity to work closely with Eric at EG Ironworks on a number of complicated metal fabrications.  Besides being a pleasure to work with, I found Eric to be an enthusiastic and highly capable craftsman with a good eye for quality.  Simply put, Eric likes what he does and he is very good at doing it."
  Michael Thorpe Associate Patkau Architects

A Rich History

We are inspired by the merging of the historical and the contemporary. Daily we use machinery spanning from 1898 to 2021 allowing us to execute techniques that were developed as far back as 1500 BC and came into common use during 400 - 500 AD. We are influenced by the history of blacksmithing and inspired by the future of technology as they collide to manifest our current contemporary designs.

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