keats chandelier


This gulf island client loves to entertain and requested a chandelier to provide candle light dinners.  In collaboration with the client we determined the height needed to be adjustable in order to light and extinguish the candles as well as providing  varying levels of light. A system of pulleys and ropes needed to be engineered.

A final design concept landed us on swell like curves in a textured flat bar.  To match his wine cellar motif created by us, a  basket twist accent was settled on.  Substantial presence combined with air and light.  Single pieces of square stock pierce and drifted, riveted with the basket weave, bent around to catch and hold the candle.  Pulleys were integrated and distressed to match the chandelier. Twisted feet were added on the ceiling assembly to provide space for existing post and beam accents in the room.  Black marnier rope is used with an engineered 3-1 mechanical advantage to allow 1 person to easily lift and lower the 90 pound chandelier. The rope is tacked in place with a hand forged boat cleat and a matching custom snuffer to match that hangs as a separate feature on the wall.